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Welcome to Circle & hen pubs

"more local"


BOUNDARY PUB, L8 :Sun 12-10pm, Mon-Thurs 12-11pm & Fri -Sat 12-1.30am

Hoggins group Sun 12-10pm , Mon-Thurs 12-11pm & Fri -Sat 12-11.30

JUBILEE INN, L21 Sun 12-10pm, Mon-Thurs 12-11pm & Fri -Sat 12-1.30am. 

(+44) 151 -245 5798

Alfred the Great (848/849 – 26 October 899) was king of the West Saxons from 871 to c. 886 and king of the Anglo-Saxons from c. 886 to 899

The ‘Alfred and the Burnt Cakes’ legend stems from this period. Alfred was taken in and given shelter by a peasant woman who did not know he was the king. She asked him to watch some cakes for her, but he was so taken up with his thoughts about how to defeat the Vikings that the cakes were burnt. 

Welcome to Circle & hen pubs

                                            "more local"


Beer Garden


Live music is a cornerstone for us, we hope to try use local artists and of course free of charge where possible. Check out our line up

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welcome to circle & hen pubs, please find our lastest offers and rewards from a free shot or £20 cashback, or discounts , we value your custom

circle & hen pubs.....more local